Irish Blog Awards owns the airwaves

Had an interview with Newstalk this evening about another ComReg report with dishonest facts. Did this from home and then sped into town to go on the Fanning show on Radio1 at 1900 to talk about the Blog Awards along with Kieran Murphy. On the way in and finding a spot to double-park in, I’m listening to TodayFM and they’re talking about the Blog Awards with Piaras. At home this evening doing final preps for the Awards and Rick O’Shea on 2fm is talking about the Awards and ohmygod but Twenty Major is on the show!

I think there’s something in the Irish Times tomorrow too and tune into Six One News tomorrow night as you might see some faces behind some of your favourite blogs. 350 have now registered to go, which is fantastic too. This thing is turning into a Carnival. Actually, does anyone want the Awards show to be part of a blog carnival next year? A few events all weekend with the Awards show as the highlight?

So yes, today was another insane day and tomorrow is worse. Meeting people in Dublin from early morning til late afternoon, then talking at Trinity about my work with IrelandOffline then going to see “I’m From Barcelona” at the Village.

Lastly, the staff of Bubble Brothers and especially Julian fucking rock. I’ll explain more on Monday, if I survive the weekend. I won’t probably post on this blog again until I get home late Sunday evening. I hope everyone has a good time this weekend and please remember not to take these things too seriously, only I should be stressing!

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  1. […] It’s not long to go before the Blog Awards on Saturday. Damien says that there’s extensive media coverage of the event including interviews on radio and spots on RTE news. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins what on the day. I’ll be keeping an eye on Irish for updates that evening, but I’ll be staying at home here in Cork while everyone is partying in Dublin! […]

  2. But my hair, Damien! WHAT WILL I DO ABOUT MY HAIR?

  3. Seamus Ryan says:

    Congrats on the Irish Blog Awards Damien.

  4. […] Tomorrow night at Irish Blog Awards we should have someone holding up the laurel wreath and repeating; […]

  5. Phil O'Kane says:

    I still dont know what to wear!
    You definately need to take a break after all this, Damien.

  6. […] As Damien Mulley says in his blog, there is another article in the Irish Times today, not to mention the News at 6, though I haven’t seen that yet. […]

  7. omaniblog says:

    Greetings Damien,

    Just to let you know one of the blog judges has been exposed over on “From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace”.

  8. omaniblog says:

    That’s Barry Andrews pitching for the youth vote. I see you can’t leave a comment on his site. Pity that

  9. Dan Sullivan says:

    I’m almost 100% certain to wear pants! Well, so close to 90% as makes no difference, beyond pants and probably some shoes I’m still undecided.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    I wonder would he be so congratulatory if “you pay taxes” won?

  11. squid says:

    They repeated the six-one news report in the news bulletin immediately after the Late Late Show last night. got a fleeting glimpse of the homepage at the end of last night, watched the whole report which is availible on RTE’s website.

  12. Fergal says:

    Any chance of the link to that report? I can’t find it on the RTE site

  13. squid says:
    scroll down to the story “Irish blog awards to be announced tomorrow”