Fluffy Links – February 20th 2007

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Ah mathematics. I hated you in school and hated you in college but thanks to you, people *can* fold a piece of paper 12 times.

One for Educamp Ireland? Via JohoDonorsChoose.org

a teacher in Richton, Mo., posted a request for a $392 camcorder for her kids to act out stories they’re reading; a teacher in New York City asked for a rug on which to read stories to kindergarteners ($474); and a teacher in a 100 percent low-income school in Los Angeles wants a $414 telescope to teach astronomy to her students. Donors scroll through the hundreds of proposals (searchable by region, subject, level of school poverty, etc.) and fund them in whole or in part with a couple of clicks.

Marmite. Ugh. Marmite using Guinness yeast. Still Ugh.

Dialog from Glengarry Glen Ross. Almost as good as the dialog from Wallstreet. Greed is good.

Via Rashomon. Airborne cats. Andy suggests photoshopping in little jetpacks on them.

Swedish Unions act more like the mafia.

Via Fred, Arcade Fire in Union Square:

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