Fluffy Links – February 14th 2007

Via Rowan Jeff Han and the coolest user interface I’ve seen in a while.

Dunkin Donuts tells you how to order their coffee.

Spam t-shirts.

Arcade Fire do cover of “Guns of Brixton”.

Well done Jenny Ring. He work to be displayed in the Tate Modern.

Silly laws and regulations?

Via Phil. Badly Drawn Boy in Belfast:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – February 14th 2007”

  1. mark tighe says:

    Re. the silly laws and regulations.

    I think it’s great. From a journalist’s point of view it’s a pain in the ass when websites don’t list their contact details. It’s like they have something to hide and don’t want to talk to anyone. Some businesses only list contact details as a feedback form or email (while many don’t have any contact details at all) which can take an age before you get to speak to a person.

  2. Tipster says:

    Why do you think the new regulations are silly?

    I think extending the requirements to electronic documents is entirely logical.

    And I don’t see any reason why they should not apply to the paper documents they apply to.

  3. […] A few ads have appeared in print publications recently, reminding those who are working in limited companies to pay attention to an upcoming legal change. As a couple of people have mentioned this to me offline (”I saw this ad about law and emails, is that what you’re studying?” “Um, not really, but thanks”), and there are in fact some interesting, broad questions relating to the amendments to the European Communities (Companies) Regulations (for that is what they are talking about), here are my thoughts. Damien asks whether this is a silly law: on balance, I conclude that it should be OK. […]