BT Ireland next to exit consumer market?

Via the Indo

Sources close to the company said yesterday that BT Ireland is over-staffed and is likely to reconsider its position in relation to residential telecoms services, including fixed-line telephony and broadband services.

Market commentators said yesterday that if BT did decide to pull out of the residential market, it would be a blow to Ireland’s telecoms industry.

Recently, telecoms firm Magnet Networks confirmed it would not be offering Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband services in the future and the Government has scrapped its group broadband scheme for rural areas.

9 Responses to “BT Ireland next to exit consumer market?”

  1. Anthony says:

    Great, so the situation gets worse instead of better. /me emigrates

  2. Gamma Goblin says:

    Maybe Sean Quinn will buy these lot out too.

  3. Conor says:

    And here’s me thinking it can’t get any worse. So I might have to find another BB provider shortly then.

  4. Branedy says:

    Considering how bad their Residential service has become lately, I feel like we have been a flea shaken off the tail of a cat, and that it has been planned.

    We have been with BT since the first DSL line hit Ballincollig, and had good service untill resently when the service went from 2.6Mbs to something under 1Mps and frequent dropout.

    We are moving to Eircom, I know that’s a trap, but with Eircom controling the backbone, there really is no alternative. Eircom shakes the tree, and all the ISP’s fall out.

  5. 4Basra says:

    This situation is becoming a sick joke.

    So we have Eircom’s monopoly distorting the market so much that one by one its competitors will pull out.

    And yet there is still no sign of them being forced to unbundle local loops or fix their split lines.

    This is after Eircom demanded its competitors help out with the cost of doing this. Not the first time a company has asked that this happen.

    The rural broadband initiative has been abandoned and needlessly wasted a load of money.

    Does somebody know something about Eircom – ie what its next move is going to be?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Our only hope is that the mobile operators roll out 3G coverage to us poor neglected rural dwellers and make sure the service is consistent and reliable.

  6. […] As all this is happening, I discover via Damien Mulley’s blog that BT are rumoured to be quiting the broadband market in Ireland! Well, why wouldn’t they? They’ve robbed us and given us nowt in return, I’d do a runner and all. I go and tell my oul fella that he’ll have F-all chance of getting his money back if their gonna split, it’s hard enough to get in touch with them when there in Ireland, what’ll be his chances when they’ve upped and gone? Well, Jimbo is from a different era, and being the stubborn warhorse he is, he turned to me and simply said “oh..i’ll get my money”. To do this, he informed me, he’d “even go to the Ombudsman”. Now this bizarre threat conjured up in my head an image of a shadowy figure, who operates out of a remote farm and who wanders around with a meat cleaver and a blood splattered leather apron. A man who “has a big boot in his car, and a place where no one will hear us….” […]

  7. Marosjor says:

    If my experience is anything to go by, Eircom will implode under its own inefficiency! No record of an online order for broadband, no record of my phone call follow-up, no record of receipt of the form they sent out, filled in, sent back by me. Eircom had no record of any contact from me at my next phone call (weeks later), having waited for a modum to arrive by mail in the meantime. Do they have computers at Eircom? The last I was told is that there are no available ports at my local exchange but they will send “someone” an email to expedite the process for me… We (husband and I) already have BT broadband but because it is not stable enough for work purposes, we very reluctantly (very) thought a return to Eircom ws the only answer but I don’t know now. Oh, the guy on the phone at Eircom also advised me to contact the webmaster if I had a problem with there being no record of my ordering broadband online.

  8. Bob Hoffman says:

    I spent 14 years in the telecoms industry in Ireland and I am stunned at how bad a deal the consumer gets. More so on the fixed side as the mobile operators are quite good, in particular O2.

    My BT broadband is down this morning and I am a teleworker. I have tried 1904, the reception, their business sales, their consumer sales and of course their technical support numbers and could not get through on any of these numbers. You should not get an engaged number when you ring a phone company, it is illogical. I even phoned the complaint’s person who gave me a €100 credit for disconnecting me for 7 days by error before Christmas, 6 numbers over one hour and have given up.

    As long as eircom own the infrastructure we will always have a bad industry.

  9. Matt says:

    This is beyond a joke. The government need a huge kick in the balls.
    Mulley for Taoiseach.
    You’ve nothing else on have you??