Labour understand this online thingy, I do believe

As broken by IrishElection earlier Labour have launched a new website, a bit like Obama’s site with his video saying he is going for President. It actually impressed me as it is Pat Rabbitte looking comfortable and “But are you happy?” is the phrase of the election. It is the new “A lot done, more to do.” I think they might just have beaten FF to the punch on this. It’s a pity I could not get to the conference on Saturday as it feels like they got it right and came up with a campaign that might interest people. 5 simple steps and one great catchphrase. Lets see how strong it stands up to scrutiny now. Well done for putting this on YouTube too. Blogs, YouTube, Flickr. Social networking site next for Labour? I expect Google Ads from all the parties too.

5 Responses to “Labour understand this online thingy, I do believe”

  1. “5 simple steps and one great catchphrase.”

    So, exactly the same as Blair and exactly ten years late, then? 🙂

  2. adam says:

    A nice touch, but they should have embedded a YouTube video in their own page, and made it easy for people to share.

  3. Seamus Ryan says:

    This campaign is being well received in my neck of the woods. People are impressed with the video but more importantly the 5 Commitments to Change seem to have struck a chord.

  4. Absolutely agree with Séamus. The reactions here are exactly the same. At last a leader has made this an election about policy, and the traditional accusations of Tax and Spend are well blown out of the water. All McDowell could do was ro try and launch a pensioners giveaway, having ignored ordinary working taxpayers for the past five years. As one journalist said on Monday, the weekend breathed life into the election, and showed that even after Bertiegate, it’s all to play for.

  5. I should add that my glib comment above doesn’t mean I don’t think it’ll work.