Are Magnet moving out of the consumer broadband market?

Edit: Suspicion confirmed.

IrelandOffline got a few calls/emails in the past while from individuals asking why Magnet are not taking their orders. It isn’t like they are overcapacity in the exchanges they are in. Now after the articles in SiliconRepublic and ENN yesterday, a careful reading might suggest they are just going to sell to business customers.

This bit is interesting:

He said that the company is committed to offering services to businesses and consumers exclusively on a local loop unbundling (LLU) basis and would not be content with reselling broadband for the incumbent, which he likened to selling customers “stale old chips in a new bag�.

Netsource is part of Magnet now and that’s exactly what they do.

Then there’s this:

“We will do this through focusing on our original fibre-to-the-home strategy but also on quality business broadband products. We are going to take all our resources and focus them on those two areas,� Kennedy said.

So fibre to the home in Magnet controlled housing states and apartment complexes and business broadband via LLU? I really am not seeing anything that actually mentions their plans for the consumers using their non-fibre assets.

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