I call bullshit on ComReg (As usual)

The poodle released figures for calls to their consumerline service.

October to December 2006 – 5200 calls.
For July to September 2006 – 4,600 calls
For April to June 2006 – 4,200 calls
For January – March 2006 – 4,000 calls

Now from October to December was the time when 45,000 people were terminated from Smart and there was a holy outcry from all corners of the Island. Yet there was an extra 600 calls? But looking at the growth rate, it seems that 5000 calls would have been expected too. Fishy fishy.

I tried to do an FOI before on the stats for the ComReg consumerline. They told me they did not have a system in place to actually calculate the calls and log them properly. Perhaps that has since changed, but given the predeliction for the regulator to lie consistently in their reports, I don’t trust these stats and one would have thought (even with the lines being dead) that more than 200 people would have phoned into ComReg and expressed their pissed-offness.

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