Scoble has started and continued on a new fight – Yay

About time. Things were getting so so boring. I truly love it when people say they are unsubscribing in the comments after Scoble says something. The blogging version of “you were cool but now you’ve sold out to the man”. Still, I totally disagree that you can even measure a cancer patient story against an Intel story, let alone say your Intel videos are more important than a cancer patient having his XBox stolen.

Best thing about Scoble is that when he acts like an ass he’ll more than likely apologise later and admit to being an ass and in the comments he certainly is acting like one. Meantime keep reading the comments. Maryam best put on a larger Sunday dinner, Robert is going to be hungry from all this fighting. Though I think Maryam being a modern woman, she’ll be making Robert make the dinner. 🙂

One Response to “Scoble has started and continued on a new fight – Yay”

  1. Adam says:

    It seems to me like he’s throwing his toys out of the pram because no-one’s paying attention to him.
    Engadget and Scoble’s nose for news are completely different – so be it. Get over it.
    Bloggers go with the newspaper over a blogger? So be it, get over it.

    I always cringe at the “them and us” attitude people have to the mainstream media anyway, it’s childish.