IDAFYfA 2 – – Amazon store

With being a zeitgeist for what’s happening in the Irish blogging world it might be good for them to have a little box on the right hand side of their pages with links to the Amazon store. If someone is talking Damien Rice in a blog post, then the aggregator could use the magical Amazon APIs and tie in a link to the Amazon store.

It could monitor each blog post and then present a chart of the most talked about book, cd, dvd etc. If it was transparent I don’t think anyone would mind the small kickback that IrishBlogs would get as a result of this.

2 Responses to “IDAFYfA 2 – – Amazon store”

  1. Niall says:

    Why Amazon? Why not try to tie in with an Irish store like Easons on Buy4Now – or at least (which uses Amazon’s catalog)?

  2. Michele says:


    Cool idea

    Niall – why would they want to tie in with shopireland? They wouldn’t make any money if they did… It would make a lot more sense to hook into Amazon directly and make something back, as they don’t seem to have much of a revenue stream on there