Killeen now lobbies on behalf of an IRA bomber

Just listening to Cian on the radio now. This time the letter came from the Minister’s office. What’s next for him?

2 Responses to “Killeen now lobbies on behalf of an IRA bomber”

  1. Sometimes I think TDs simply fail to read the stuff they sign. In Killeen’s case, it sounds like he doesn’t review what his office signs for him. If office admin is daunting, TDs should use their salaries to pay for drivers to take them to government buildings when the Dail is in session. You can get a lot of work done when traveling to Dublin on Irish roads.

  2. Paul Browne says:

    What’s next for him?

    If this goes on much more, you might get him cheap as the ‘rent-a-celeb’ for the 3rd March …