Christian Sue Gays over use of Rainbow

It was bound to happen really. We all know Noah wouldn’t allow the two unicorns on cos they were gay. We’d still have unicorns today if it was for homophobe O’Noah. Although I can understand the Christians when I see T-shirts like this and this.

4 Responses to “Christian Sue Gays over use of Rainbow”

  1. Andrew says:

    “It’s our natural wonder, you cock bandits.”

  2. click here says:

    lol – That’s funny.

  3. Symbols are powerful.

    As a Christian I’m not really concerned by the adoption of a rainbow by another community (Gay or otherwise). I would be concerned how the symbol is subsequently used (e.g. to narrowly define a community, create borders, intimidate people from another community…as in Northern Ireland with flags and cerb painting). So being somewhat ignorant…what is the rainbow symbol used for by the gay community (I guess the links from the post will inform me…)?

    Certainly the rainbow was to serve as a reminder of God’s promise never to flood the earth again and for Christians (and Jews and Muslims I assume?…Noah predates Abraham…) it serves as such a reminder.
    Now the centrality of the cross to Christianity is very fundamental (and is arguably Christianity’s most important symbol) and hijacking of that would cause me some concern.

    As I said symbols are powerful…and they’re use can have positive affects for the community that create them. However not everything about them is good and positive. So rather than the use of a particular symbol being the issue, it’s the way the symbol is displayed and used that is more relevant issue.

  4. Don Crowley says:

    I’d like to know how 2 gay unicorns could procreate and survive 😀