Printers who do Moo card style biz cards?

Anyone know any printers who would make cards like the Moo cards? I’d prefer giving an Irish company some cash but it also comes down to value for money so I’d be happy to use a Polish company or one like that. I want cards like the Moo cards but I don’t want a Flickr background. I wonder have Moo trademarked the size? 🙂

4 Responses to “Printers who do Moo card style biz cards?”

  1. Try on the straight road. They are pretty helpful. Don’t think the problem will be the size but fact that everycard is different

  2. Damien B says:

    You can upload any graphic you want to Flickr, and make it private, if it’s the Moocard-style you’re after. They’ll get to it, and you’ll get 100 of your cards – all the same or all different – in next to no time, for $20.

    I can’t overstate how impressed I was with their service- both the quality of the web-interface and the speed of delivery. I ordered on a Tuesday, had them the following Monday.

  3. elly parker says:

    You can leave the flickr logo and name off the cards, mine just have the pictures and my details on the back – I’ll show you on Saturday…

  4. […] Arggghhh. Talking about timing. This post has been in draft for a while as it was one of those “ideas” one has. A while back I was looking for printers who did Moo style cards. The reason being that I was thinking of doing Moo style cards for Beboers. Well Bebo and Moo beat me to it. […]