Holy Shit! The Faceman is on the Fianna Fail site

Do do do do do do doooo, de de de .. etc

Image stolen from the Fianna Fail front page:
Face man

Kerry North Fianna Fáil TD Tom McEllistrim posed with Face, aka Dirk Benedict outside the Dáil. Face, the pretty boy of the A-Team is the one on the left. The smiling divil on the right would be Tom.

God that so felt like a Blogorrah post.

10 Responses to “Holy Shit! The Faceman is on the Fianna Fail site”

  1. Andrew says:

    Whenever The Team were in trouble and some serious swindling action was required, Face would always look to politics for inspiration.

  2. simon says:

    I pity the fool

  3. poetbloggs says:

    How close is the election again?

  4. Damien says:

    Anywhere from March to June.

  5. Mark Dowling says:

    Bertie ain’t no Hannibal, that’s for sure. His plans never come together.

    Way too many Murdocks in the building behind Face.

  6. Brian Greene says:

    Dirk in the big brother house
    Tom McEllistrim about to enter the big fella’s house
    worth a few votes for may 18….

  7. Tipster says:

    The photo was in the Irish Independent yesterday (which I scanned through at breakfast today). The photo is two year’s old.

  8. EWI says:

    Poor old Dirk, still bitter at “Stardoe”, and as of now iirc in the US Big Brother. From the commentary to Season One, didn’t RDM consider having Dirk do a cameo (as ‘God’) in the opera house scene on Kobol?

  9. Paul says:


  10. Nicole says:

    pwoh! Faceman! still has it! he’s looking good at his age!!! 😛 yumyum! i love THE A TEAM!!!! 😀 can’t stp watching it! and im only 20! x