Fluffy Links – December 29th 2006

Crossed wires. Pranking two Garda stations.

Irish Bebo Award – I’ll be launching a small competition for Bebo users soon.

Could they have picked a photo that makes the Pope look more evil? I think not.

Those defending a traditional wholesome Christmas are also the ones exploiting it for financial gain. I’m quite impressed with how they made a fortune playing this one.

FF TD Jimmy Devins suggests banning junk food ads from TV. What is his voting record for the ban on alcohol, just, you know, out of interest?

Via TechCrunch I ordered this documentary “In Search of the Valley”. Looks value for money until they add in 12 dollars for shipping. Would much prefer a digital download. I’m sure though you could learn more about Silicon Valley from a 20 minute conversation with Shel Israel. I certainly did when I chatted to him earlier this year when he was in Cork.

Meanwhile Shel is looking for feedback on his latest book/book proposal. Latest iteration. Send yours to him. Shel wrote Naked Conversations along with Robert Scoble.

Via Fred Wilson. Real life story about a guy who goes off and raises millions and starts a medica researchcompany to search for a cure for a debilitating disease his kids have.

Shaq Attack:

Marx Brothers humour:

More of it:

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3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – December 29th 2006”

  1. Great. Another evil pic for the old Ratzo collection.

  2. Gamma Goblin says:

    Thanks! I nearly forgot how much I love the Marx Brothers :)

  3. Lal says:

    Interested in getting yout feedback on “Valley’ Dvd