Irish Blogger Survey – Question suggestions

As things start to ramp up for the Irish Blog Awards 2007, I thought it might be a good idea to do a census or a survey of who we are and how we go about what we’re doing. It will also be an additional way of getting some attention for the Blog Awards if it is released the week of the Awards. It might go some way to answer the who, the what and the where.

I’ve emailed a few bloggers on this and they’ve provided some fantastic questions to ask but the more input the better. What questions would you like to ask of Irish Bloggers? I was thinking that a survey of 30 questions at most is probably enough before people get tired/annoyed/bored of answering. There have been many complaints previously on surveys about Irish Bloggers, so for once, let the Irish bloggers dictate what will be in the survey.

10 Responses to “Irish Blogger Survey – Question suggestions”

  1. Piaras Kelly says:

    Whatever happened to that person doing a thesis on bloggers?

  2. Daithí says:

    A couple of demographic questions would help – there are a lot of vague assumptions about gender/age/etc that it would be nice to explore.

    Political leanings/affiliations – so we can find out what colour the Hibernoblogosphere is.

    Method of Net connection (do the broadbanders blog better?)

    Engagement with other bits of Bubble 2.0 – what else do bloggers do in their online lives?

    The old favourite – time spent blogging (and reading other blogs, and commenting…)

    and so on…

  3. NewsWire says:

    Good idea Damien , i like the ” do the broadbanders blog better” question

  4. simon says:

    I would be against this personally

  5. Gerry says:

    I’d ask if anyone knew how they get the figs into the fig rolls. Surely there is an insider in Jacobs blogging?

  6. simon says:

    Gerry they use a 2 pipe system. with one pipe in the other. So when the figs come out of the inner pipe they are coated on all sides by the containts of the other pipe i.e. the biscuit. i am not a Jacob

  7. John says:

    A simple question – why do they blog ?

  8. Twenty Major says:

    I would be against this personally


  9. Mark Dowling says:


    Do Irish bloggers living abroad come under the survey too or just all bloggers living in Ireland? If the expats are included then the questions (a) are you an Irish citizen? and (b) are you resident in Ireland at the moment? might be worth including.

  10. Damien says:

    Yeah, I guess anyone who is living in Ireland and blogs or who is Irish and blogs no matter where they are.