Best Contribution to the Irish Podosphere (2006)

Er, there isn’t such a category at the Blog Awards and that word is mank, but in time, you never know, there could be an award of that type. There are many Irish people who have done a lot to make podcasting popular in Ireland but in my personal view there’s one who was there at the start, spread the word to all who would listen, showed how it could be done, created countless podcasts on varying topics and really and sometimes annoyingly, evangelised the shit out of podcasting. Today, this week, this month he is still throwing lots of energy into showing the potential for podcasting.

Who’s this person? Well today he went off to collect a person of the year award while over in the UK. Now while some people made the damaging statement that I have an axe to grind with Bernie Goldbach and we have some old rivalry going on, I don’t think that is the truth at all. I’m still not into podcasting and still haven’t made my own podcast as I don’t have the energy and passion to do it (though I did buy a mic for recording recently) but Bernie and his utility belt weighed down with gadgets and his portable recording studio in the shape of a wheeled travel bag has energised Irish podcasting. He deserves recognition for what he has done for the Irish podcasting scene and maybe in time that’ll get reflected in more than inbound links to him.

Well done Bernie.

One Response to “Best Contribution to the Irish Podosphere (2006)”

  1. Adam says:

    For God sakes Damien, would you ever drop that grudge of yours and stop grinding your axe?? There’s no need to sarcastically berate Bernie over his work in Irish podcasting; that’s just a low-blow… 😀