A lazy way of adding links – Am I linking to your blog?

I’m in not-terribly-dire but definitely some kind of need to update my Irish links list on the front page of my Le/An/The/Blog. If I am not linking to you, then let me know and I’ll add you to the list or maybe I won’t. I’m in a moody mood.

24 Responses to “A lazy way of adding links – Am I linking to your blog?”

  1. GerryOS says:

    A link would be greatly appreciated…


  2. Tipster says:

    Oh, but I am not worthy. 😉

  3. simon says:

    You don’t link to me.


  4. Niall says:

    Hi. I’m Niall. My blog is what you get if you click my name above. I’m fairly fluffy and like walks on the beach… etc.

  5. Ken McGuire says:

    I don’t think so, and I cry a little every day because of it 🙁

  6. IrishKC says:

    That would be nice, if it works for you.

    I’d like to see your Popular Pages on your sidebar increased also. While you’re working on your links and all 🙂

  7. Kav says:

    My blog tends towards the fluff rather than the erudite and wide-reaching; don’t know if ‘twould be your cup of tay. Thanks though.

    And I agree with IrishKC about the Popular Pages – that would be handy.

  8. Daithí says:

    I’m not on the list, but it’s a good list…

  9. Your a bitch, so please ad me.

  10. Claire says:


    I’m not there.

  11. annette says:

    I’m not there either *sniff* but my old blog is so can I swap seats?

  12. Wiffy says:

    It’s all reciprocal from me Damien.

  13. A moody mood – deary me.

    I don’t suppose my blog is much related to your usual topics but it’d be nice if you consider it! 🙂

  14. Damien says:

    I’ll start adding them over the weekend. A moody mood is I’m in a mood that I can’t define. My mood is being moody more than me actually being pissed off or anything. Indecisive I suppose!

  15. Conor says:

    Moody mood? Sounds like a Damien Rice song…..

    And I see a distinct lack of my presence on your bloglist!

  16. spod says:

    lol, me too!1!!

  17. 4Basra says:

    If you could link to me that’d be great…

  18. Evert says:

    Jayzus Damien, a “moody mood”?
    Is it that time of the month again?
    Would like to be added but ain’t going to sit up and beg for it…


  19. PJ says:

    A little linkage goes a long way. Unlike Jaffa Cakes that are inhaled as soon as the packet is opened!

  20. EWI says:

    # simon Says:
    December 15th, 2006 at 1:57 am

    You don’t link to me.


    Then you’re in company, old bean.

  21. NewsWire says:

    you might throw a link to me there damien , i am linked to you