PSNI have a MySpace profile

PSNI on mySpace. Thanks to Phil for pointing it out.

It contains the tag line “Making Northern Ireland Safer For Everyone” and has this in-your-face drink driving ad:

Who’da thought it? I expect to see a Garda and Crimeline Bebo account by the end of the day, knowing how these things go. is free still.

Meanwhile, new blogs on the block for this week are here.

2 Responses to “PSNI have a MySpace profile”

  1. […] On the whole original content bit, it was nice to see that the press are paying attention to bloggers even if it is just to rip off their content or pictures. We were at least being read in 2006 (and copied and pasted) It’s a start. The story about the PSNI mySpace profile in the Tribune could only have been sourced from my blog. Cheers guys. Eventually they’ll swallow their pride and start crediting bloggers or else licence our content. Wouldn’t it be nice if they said “Hey we just saw your blog post on subject x, would you be interested in rewriting it for print form?”. It could happen… […]

  2. misterfish says:

    yeah… errr.. i made the psni website. it was a joke. some girl won an award for it. i think it should be mine haaaaaahahaaaaaaaa. nice sourcin jurno.