Fluffy links – November 27th 2006

Random breath tests, my arse.

How come I heard so little about the Dublin Firefox party? Surely free booze would have gotten more attention in the Blog O’Sphere? How many bloggers were there? How many nerds?

So, we’re meant to believe that a prisoner handcuffed in the back of a police car managed to take out a loaded gun which he hads concealed and shot himself in the head with it?

Another funky use of Amazon EC2.

I don’t have time for naps but they appear useful. What about just not sleeping?

The Google 15. With all the good and free food at Google, lots of people are gaining weight. I think where I work we’ve experienced the same.

Cops in London are getting head mounted vid cams. One step closer to robocop.

This is really too close to comfort. Pilot flies plane through tiny gap between two mountains.

Family Guy taking the piss out of Star Trek:

KLF – Justified and Ancient. Tammy rocks!

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One Response to “Fluffy links – November 27th 2006”

  1. Actually Paul Walsh did ask me to blog the party and I forgot. I was surprised more others didn’t tho.