Irish Politics Blogs – Who are they all?

There used to be a list (oh no the L word!) on some site that listed the various Irish political bloggers but I can’t find it now. I seem to recall last year that there didn’t seem to be that many Irish political blogs represented at the blog awards so I’ve thrown together the below list from submissions to the last blog awards as well as from the Irish Blog Directory and It’d be nice if we could could tag such blogs so we could stream the likes of and into sections. Are there any blogs I haven’t on the below list?

(Also don’t forget the Politics in Ireland competition. Only a few days left.)

29 Responses to “Irish Politics Blogs – Who are they all?”

  1. Damien B says:

    Thomas Byrne, as – he’s standing against Dominic Hannigan, and they’ve started a bit of a blog-war between them (see This post and Dominic’s response

    And there’s John Curran, TD, at

  2. Roger says:

    We have worked out a way to do this a while back on – not on the basis of the bloggers but on the basis of the text in the post. We could work out the liklihood of a blog post being politics, technical or sport with a fairly high degree of accuracy (particularly if a post was over a certain no. of characters e.g. 200). Our plan was to have a tabs on the home page for each of these categories. The potential problem with calling people “political bloggers” is that they can also be sports bloggers, technical bloggers and personal bloggers -or the other side of the coin, you miss political posts from people who wouldn’t be considered “political bloggers”. Unfortunately we haven’t had the time to carry out our plan.

  3. Adam says:

    I suppose I’d be one of those multi-topic bloggers; I’d usually cover politics and media… and now a little bit of business (although they’re never proper blog posts)

  4. Green Ink says:

    Pleased to meet you!

  5. smiffy says:

    Michael Taft’s blog, is well worth a look.

  6. John Carroll says:

    Thanks for the list – quite useful, and I’ve come across some interesting stuff courtesy of it.

    I’ve one new one to add,

  7. […] Courtesy of Mulley’s list of Irish political blogs, my online reading has been expanded. Thanks for that. […]

  8. […] Just testing this out to see hot well it works and hopefully in time it can be added somewhere on Politics in Ireland. This searches through all the Irish Politics blogs I previously listed. Have a bash. […]

  9. Dave Carr says:

    Great Stuff, I like it.

  10. Joanna Tuffy says:

    I started a blog recently and in fact there is a good few Labour representatives and candidates that have blogs now and our Party website is itself a blog. If you go on to the site and click on ‘Get Involved’ there is a section ‘Blogging for Labour’ and currently there are listed 17 Labour politicians that have blogs. I noticed also that at least 2 political journalists, Harry McGee and Kevin Rafter have started blogs recently.

  11. Parnell says:

    Ahem , Cough. You did,nt forget anyone, did you Damian?

  12. Paddy Martin says:

    Was wondering if my little site qualified as a blog.

  13. Texan IT says:

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  14. […] I thought it was high time I acknowledged the huge range of wise and wonderful blogs out there on politics and rather than link to them all I chose the lazy option; Damien’s Mulley’s excellent set of links to link to them all Comments » […]

  15. Hi Damien,
    I started my political blog only yesterday, I was reporting for years on politcs etc in the Kilkenny Standard (gone) amd The Munster Express, Waterford. Perhaps most of us can collaborate on the Election ? Gra, Michael.

  16. Darren says:

    I have a blog that discusses politics a lot also.

  17. Matt Wardman says:

    Just a note to say thanks for the list – it will provide a core for my aggregator.

  18. Keith Martin says:

    Been Blogging for over two years and would appreciate a link if possible.

  19. C. Flower says:

    Do we count as a blog ? We go on enough about stuff, at length – politics, culture, economics, environment and the weather.

  20. Cian says:

    Joe Higgins has a euro election website/blog


  21. Gawrion says:

    Hi! Im from Poland. Im co-creator, initiator of site. Our community agregates and gathers right-hand, conservative political blogers. Is there a place, site in irish internet that garhers similar comunities as ours? Are there some kind of leaders in conservative political blogs? We want to know if is there a chance to comunicate with this people and carry out some join venture, combined actions related to Lisbon Treaty Refferendum, before that referendum in Your Country will take place?

    Please write to us by contact form:

    THX in advance!!

  22. AJ says:

    The Irish Election Literature Blog…
    An updated daily collection of Irish Election Literature from the early 80s to today.

  23. Dan O' Neill says:

    Just launched a new non-partisan collaborative blog covering Irish politics called

    We will be doing something interesting for the budget.

  24. Aidan Rowe says:

    Could you stick ours on the list please?



  25. harmon foley says:

    Could you be so kind as to add to your list.

  26. democracyirl says:

    Great to have the list, will work my way through the different links. Good to see a healthy amount of blogging. Just started blogging myself. Would love to get a debate going so any comments are welcome.