Aberdeen for most of next week

I’m being shipped off to Aberdeen to do some work-related training all of next week. I actually leave via Dublin on Sunday. Anyone been there and want to recommend places to go eating and drinking? I’m staying in the city centre. I’ve been told to prepare to be cold.

4 Responses to “Aberdeen for most of next week”

  1. Five years ago, Blue Moon, an Indian Restaurant, was voted the Best Restaurant in Aberdeen for food and service, through the Aberdeen Independent Newspaper and the Food Guide. If you fancy Indian, you could do much worse than what Mr Miah serves up in 11 Holburn Street.

  2. simon says:

    A friend of mine is there. It is about -4c

  3. Jack M says:

    …..that’s why the men wear these funny looking wollen skirts.

  4. kav says:

    Hi Damien, spoke to one of the lads here at work, and he recommended two pubs:

    The Triple Kirks, and Ma Cameron’s. Both of them are located in the Schoolhill area. He reckons The Triple Kirks is the better of the two.

    Pack the thermals.