Shiny Happy People getting BBC deals

I’ve been a subscriber to the ShinyShiny blog for the past while and the take on gadgets by some UK girls is quite refreshing compared to the stateside gadget blogs. I was delighted to read that Susi Weaser has been hired by a BBC production company after a producer read the ShinyShiny blog and watched the one minute reviews that they post on Youtube. Well done Susi!

I wonder will we something like that here in Ireland? Maybe the ladies will be regularly seen on our TV screens soon?

4 Responses to “Shiny Happy People getting BBC deals”

  1. Rob says:

    Does RTE actually make television anymore? Most of their ‘entertainment’ seems to be American imports for the mentally challenged.

  2. Elana says:

    I used to write for ShinyShiny meeja, brill on them!

  3. aphrodite says:

    We’re just waiting for our talents to be discovered!

  4. kirstie says:

    I quite like my day job though! But if someone wants to pay me a lot of cash to do very little then who would I be to refuse? I am after all a polite lass, first and foremost.