Shell to Sea monkeybusiness – Where are the Youtube videos?

With all these accusations and counter-accusations, where are the vids on YouTube, where are the Flickr photos? This is 2006, right?

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  1. This is 2006, right?

    But it’s also north-west Mayo. Maybe we’ll have them sometime in the new year when Eircom gets around to upgrading all those rural exchanges.


    All a bit far away from Bellanaboy…

  2. Gamma Goblin says:

    As nothing more than a shameless plug for my blog dressed up as a helpful link… I managed to put the crap RealMedia footage from the RTE website up on google video. That’s as much as I have for you but at least its watchable now 🙂


  3. Georgie says:

    I saw it on RTE, it looked like they used excessive force alright. Do you see at the end of the footage, it looked like 2 guards threw a protester over a motorway railing!

  4. You won’t see citizen journalism near Rossport because several of the key organisers do not have cameraphones. I doubt they could distinguish a blog from a bog. You have to see this situation through the pastures that ring the flash point.

  5. Damien B says:

    I was thinking about that last night, when the TV footage showed a number of people (including guards) with small digital camcorders.

    I wouldn’t really accept the excuse about broadband; these protesters are very dedicated and would surely be willing to take the extra time that it would take to get it online (even for a few megabytes).

    As well, many of the protestors aren’t from the North Mayo area. I was travelling to Galway and Carrick-on-shannon yesterday, and listening to the local radio call-in shows. People were ringing in from different areas saying they had been there, to show of support. The videos could easily be uploaded from Sligo, Galway, Carrick or any of the other locations the protestors are coming from.

    It’s also questionable that they are just unaware. This campaign has been very well organised to date, and I’m sure someone could advise them in this regard.

    I noted the website at says they’ve got recordings, and that “legal action” will follow. I think the Gardai could say the same!

    The Shell To Sea Campaign are getting good (both in quantity and quality) coverage from RTE – I think they’ll be happy with that. Should it change, we’ll start seeing their videos appearing.

  6. squid says:

    This is 2006, right?

    But it’s also north-west Mayo. Maybe we’ll have them sometime in the new year when Eircom gets around to upgrading all those rural exchanges.

    Half of Indymedia is down there, Why can’t they bring their videos back to Galway or dublin and YouTube them.

    While I am against the idea of a foreign company taking our resources and giving us none of the money from its sale, I do believe there is a certain air of bullshit coming out of the protesters camp.

  7. Shell to Hell says:

    There are quite a few videos on Youtube now- has a selection, or just type in Rossport to the search box.

  8. Mick says:

    Hi Damien,

    I’m obviously trawling old posts about the Corrib Gas project here, but with the objective of trying to bring focus back to the terms of the deal itself rather than the activism aspect.

    It’s a long shot, but maybe it’s appropriate for the governement to have another look at the agreement and determine if it is indeed a deal that sits comfortably with todays economic climate.

    I hope you don’t mind, but here’s a link to a write up:

    All the best,