Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing…

Left hand: Phantom FM, backed by Denis Desmond, have availed of paid banner advertising on boards.ie for the past week or so in preparation for their launch at 12 noon today. The Phantom FM forum has been hosted at boards.ie for a number of years.

Right hand: “MCD is taking legal action against the site boards.ie for allegedly hosting a defamatory statement about Oxegen. The discussion forum was targeted by the Denis Desmond-owned music promotions company, after festival goers used it to complain about tent-burning and fighting at the festival in Kildare last month.”

One Response to “Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing…”

  1. Please don’t chastise defamation experts for doing their jobs. If they didn’t do those ugly jobs, we’d feed unemployment. What else can a defamation expert do except stamp out libelous behaviour whenever it rears its ugly head?