Fluffy Links – October 31st 2006

(I’m not here. Ssssh.)

T-Shirt Beta. I want one! Pity my size is sold out.

Universal gets Firefly fans to create a big online buzz to market the Serenity movie. Then fucks them over. So they repay the favour.

WordPress plugin to allow posting to Vox as well. APIs are really needed for Vox though.

The Fermoy by-pass – a ghost highway? Not a sinner on it.

I need to get this handy doormat that reminds you to take your keys and wallet and phone.

Handy message in a bottle notice for USB memory sticks.

Don’t copy that floppy!

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – October 31st 2006”

  1. Re: Fermoy bypass.

    I agree, every time I drive this road, I hardly see any traffic on it. I was in Fermoy itself a week or so ago and it’s still choked with traffic. I was talking about this recently with a Corkonian and he reckons it’s because the whole notion of toll roads is so alien to people in this part of the country that they aren’t using the road at all.

  2. Or the whole Irish notion that everyone must be using the bypass so we will sneak throught the town as it will be dead and we will pop out the other side much faster… or us Cork people are just too mean to pay a toll 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    Everyone knew this was going to happen.
    On the day the toll road was openned, locals tried to form a blockade of the village to force commuters to use the new road. 🙂

    We pay some of the highest road taxes in europe and yet we have to pay private companies every time we use their roads. And the ones we pay taxes for are in shit.