Digital bits – Arrests, bans, le CD est mort, hands off the future

The owner of Greek Blog aggregator was arrested. Why? Because his aggregator aggregated a blog story which mocked some public figure. Ouch. Greece is in the EU and not part of China, right?

The Indo finally picked up on the story about Leinster House banning blogging.

In the UK the Institute for Public Policy Research is calling for a “private right to copy”. DRI over here wants the same I believe. This comes as the head of EMI says the cd is dead.

Levy stated that 60% of consumers now rip CDs to their computers for transfer to portable devices.

It’d be nice to see a survey done here in Ireland to see how many people rip their music.

Unlike the Telecoms Poodle, the UK telecoms regulator has balls and is happy to tell the EU to back off. Ofcom doesn’t want the EU to regulate TV over Internet or other emerging technologies. This TV without Frontiers thing from the EU is just a continutation of jobs for regulators. A new land to regulate. Job security. I’m sorry but who the hell are you to tell me to put watershed limitations on the content of my website?

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