Fluffy links – October 26th 2006

The Irony Mark. Oh good god.

Anti-homophobia campaign to begin in Irish Schools. About time.

Also equal rights granted to gay couples in New Jersey. Marriage by any other name is still marriage?

The court gave the State Legislature 180 days to come up with legislation guaranteeing gay people a legal mechanism to have their unions recognized in identical practical terms as those afforded to heterosexual marriages. It left for another day the question of whether the contours of and, more important, the label attached to that mechanism would satisfy the State Constitution.

Meanwhile Google thinks words and verbs are very very important. They’re telling people how they should refer to making searches online. How about feck off?

Shots of a Space Shuttle Launch from a tracker plane.

Ze Frank smacks down Rocketboom.

Iraqi TV news show that’s a mix of Ze Frank and the Daily Show. Nice to see that someone can find humour in such despair.

Collection of great TV commercials

Pelican swallows a pigeon.

I really don’t know what to say about this:

4 Responses to “Fluffy links – October 26th 2006”

  1. Damien B says:

    I remember that song- weren’t you singing it at BarCamp!?

  2. Damien B says:

    It’s too much; I had to come back to see that video again. I’m not going to get much done today at all.

  3. Damien says:

    Haha. “Fianna Fail Councillor Addicted to Brain Crack”

  4. Tipster says:

    Today I did a google search on the slogans “He’s gay and we’re cool with that” and “She’s gay and we’re cool with that”. The first returned one hit (http://ocds-belfast.blogspot.com/), the second returned two, one of which links back to here via tailrank.