Fluffy links Tuesday October 24th 2006

Fantastic time-lapse photo of a plane taking off. Or maybe it’s landing.

Another blog post you wouldn’t see from a politician. Again by Dominic Hannigan. Gotta love the bitchy comment someone left. (I don’t mean the spam) I still prefer the very honest and natural blog posts from politicians like Dominic, Ciaran, Seamus and Damien than other posts from other politicians. I’m even warming to certain posts by Joan now too.

How to create a Cylon Jack-O-Lantern. The new season of Battlestar rocks quite a bit. Lots of Iraq war undertones.

Conor has a quiz. The youth of today ask some very blunt questions don’t they?

Larry Lessig on the ethics of video sharing sites. As in the ability to truely share with some while others lock-in your content. Where’s the download button in YouTube for example?

Dotsy’s Complaint talks about the Joe Higgins Vs David McWilliams debate on the free market.

Bjork – Pleasure is All Mine. (Live) Remember that this song is done acapella

Tenacious D movie trailer. Starts slow but then goes deep into Jack Black livewire territory.

3 Responses to “Fluffy links Tuesday October 24th 2006”

  1. Anthony says:

    If that’s a plane landing I’d like a word with the pilot and the air hostess that served him the cocktails.

  2. Seamus says:

    Have a word with him? I’d give him a medal for pulling it off if that was a landing!

  3. Conor says:

    We the youth have no shame these days.