Stop the Carnage Week – Damien Blake wants to harness blogger power

Damien Blake has suggested bloggers have a “Stop the Carnage Week” this week where we share our ideas on what should be done to stop the constant deaths on our roads. Twenty has already started.

Damien suggests:

  • Write a post on your own blog
  • Tag it with ““, link to his post or add a comment with the link
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can comment here
  • Most importantly, we need your suggestions on how to improve things
  • I’ll prepare a report on the submissions, and forward it to the Minister, Taoiseach, Road Safety Authority, Insurance Federation and every member of the Oireachtas.

I’m sure people are sick of this talk about road safety already with every paper and radio station discussing it but if a blog post can make you even a slightly safer driver it could be the difference between life and death. Unlike a lot of those crappy memes going about, this is worthwhile. Also see the Road Deaths Map.

My own suggestions:

  • Courses like the “Ignition” course that Hibernian Insurance offers should be mandatory. It certainly made me a safer driver.
  • Driving Instructors need to pass certain criteria before they can teach.
  • Everyone should have to sit a certain number of driving lessons from qualified instructors.
  • If there isn’t a reasonable drop in road deaths of young people then speed restrictors/monitors should be added to their cars. A work colleague was telling me today of devices that can text parents to let them know their kids are speeding. Speed is fine for motorways, not for crappy roads that are in the majority of this country.

5 Responses to “Stop the Carnage Week – Damien Blake wants to harness blogger power”

  1. I sense no urgency coming from members of An Garda Siochana in County Tipperary concerning known high-speed use of roads between Urlingford and Cahir. Instead, I read front page apologist attitudes printed by local papers whenever there’s a road death. Too many people down the country believe locals have an inalienable right to enjoy the car culture. That means as much speed as you can push out of your car and rubber marking the road after every weekend.

    If the police cannot stomp out the problem, don’t count on the courts. I’ve been a witness in two court cases involving accusations of dangerous driving. Both cases were reduced through pleas before any evidence was brought before the judge. The judiciary cannot be bothered unless there’s a death and even then, the character of the survivor weighs heavier than the damage done by the driving.

    If the police and the courts cannot stop the carnage, how about family friends? Don’t count on them because after the accidents, they want sympathy and moral support for being loyal friends. And friends don’t ever point the finger at friends acting the maggot on Ireland’s challenged roads.

    Let’s just blame the roads for the carnage. We all agree Ireland needs faster roads. Anyone for another round?

  2. Ken McGuire says:

    I also suggest mandatory re-testing of everyone after, say, 10 years of a license. If you’ve got to renew your license you should at least sit a theory test, or practical, whatever works out. Its not just about young people….

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  5. Adam Bennett says:

    Here is a video made to raise awareness of road safety. It was produced by Bridgestone for a campaign to run in conjunction with this years Formula 1 grand prix in Bahrain.
    Please watch it and share it.