Fluffy links – October 23rd 2006

Via Conánn FitzPatrick

Via the Beaut.ie blog is a Joe Duffy version of Sexy Back. Lyrics and song itself are on Bebo Bands.

I’m gonna shave me back (YEAH)
And then I’m gonna wax me sack and crack (YEAH)
I will be smoother than yer man 2pac (YEAH)
‘Cept I’m not dead and I am not black (YEAH)

Gift grub have accents closer to the real thing. Still good though.

Creative advertising.

Google fucks over Ze Frank. I think David not Goliath could win this one though. :Update before this is even published. Google backs down.

Leinster House bans blogs. Hmm. Just as politicians start getting into them.

The Art-O-Meter. Using science to measure the “artiness” of a piece of art.

Convert delicious bookmarks to Google bookmarks. Also staying on this topic. Find out how many of your delicious bookmarks are dead.

Via Tom Coates A fantastic way of using Moo Cards. Moognets.

Enviro blog Worldchanging is looking for bloggers.

Google Earth is going to have a new layer for congressional races in the U.S.

The Google Earth 2006 election resource tool indicates the country’s 436 congressional districts with stars on the popular 3D map of the country. Clicking on a star pops open a bubble window that has information on the candidates in that race.

Hmm, could Google Earth be used as a resource in this country I wonder?

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