Argghhh – All my msn contacts have been wiped

Anyone know how I can restore this? I have over 300 contacts in MSN and all have been wiped. I’m screwed!

8 Responses to “Argghhh – All my msn contacts have been wiped”

  1. Agaponeo says:

    I think… if you go to your Hotmail account…
    Hotmail Inbox, then.. to your address… may be there are still stored there…

    I don’t know.. I’m just guessing…

    I hope you get them 😉

  2. I never have to move my contacts from machine to machine so they must be stored on an MS server somewhere. Try logging in from another machine to see if it is a machine-specific problem.

    And now for the obligatory “oooh, 300 eh, aren’t we popular” 😉

  3. elly parker says:

    Get in touch with MS ASAP – they must have a backup system, they might be able to restore you to within 24/48 hours or something….

  4. Thaedydal says:

    Check other pcs that you have used msn on and look for the contacts file in the msn directory.

  5. Tom Raftery says:

    If this is still a prob let me know. I may be able to contact someone in MSN for you

  6. Josh Gelernter says:

    I lost my contacts as of 8pm last night! 2 help requests to MSN and no response. I re-added a person and he was able to talk to me.

  7. Josh Gelernter says:

    I signed onto my old account and it works fine. The one with the lost contacts signs in and i can message myself. still, no contact list.

  8. Roger says:

    im trying to get back deleted contacts if someone can help me please email