Questions and Answers – October 2nd

Myself and Cian will be in the audience at Questions and Answers tonight. We’ll wave and look like we’re supporting someone in Winning Streak. Cian won’t bring the banner I made saying “C’mon Mary, spin it for de parish.” You Never know, maybe a question about politics and blogs will get asked or “Blogging the Election” will get name dropped.

On the panel will be Noel Dempsey, Liz O’Donnell, Trevor Sargent, Richard Bruton and Eileen Gleeson.

15 Responses to “Questions and Answers – October 2nd”

  1. I may actually watch it, or more likely record it and fast forward through it until I spot you 🙂

  2. On the panel will be Noel Dempsey,…

    I hope you get a chance to have a pop at old ‘Dialup’ himself. 🙂

  3. Sinéad says:

    What? No ‘Careful Now’ or ‘Down with this sort of thing’ banners?

  4. Branedy says:

    How about a ‘Up the Bandwidth’ Banner 😉

  5. Kevin Peyton says:

    Being in the audience for Q&A is an interesting move – being on the panel though would be fantastic ! Any chance of this being discussed on saturday?

  6. Colm says:

    Now that would interesting – a blogger on Q&A.

  7. Seamus Ryan says:

    Damien, I am sure you were there. By the way nice article in the Tribune.

  8. squid says:

    did ye get to ask a question or speak, if ye did let me know and I will see if I can record it on the repeat later tonight.

  9. David Doran says:

    Hey great, quite an interesting Q&A, I’m interested to see your response to the Bertie talks, it seems we’ve become a very complacement coercible country of people if we let him of scot free, and from a member or two on the panel they don’t have a problem with his excuses.

  10. Branedy says:

    I didn’t see you at all ;-(

  11. Keith says:

    A bit disappointing alright. I know everybody’s making a big deal out of Bertie’s goings-on, but it would have been nice if John Bowman had moved the discussion onto other matters so ye could have got a word or two in.

  12. Damien says:

    Myself and another guy had our questions bumped due to the Bertie incident. Cian did get his comment in though.

    FF has 4 ppl in the audience, FG had 4 and Greens had 4. Think a panelist can get 4 tix each. FF brought in the big guns to make noise about Bertie. The other parties didn’t seem to have strong supporters. I don’t think Q&A liked the astroturfing of the audience though.

  13. auds says:

    “I don’t think Q&A liked the astroturfing of the audience though. ”
    I’ve bordered on becoming a professional Qand A audience member in the past – QandA won’t have it any other way – stuffed full of prepicked partisans.
    And after a while you can easily pick out the “real” audience fan – they actually seem excited while the rest of us turn up late, eat some free sandwhiches and chat with our friend, the audience co-ordinator.

  14. Gavin says:

    And PrimeTime too!

  15. simon says:

    I didn’t think Q&A was so bloody paritisan I thought you got tickets like you do for the late late. That is no good.