BarCamp Ireland – The aftermath

Got home around 10am this morning even though I live in Cork! What a great event. Sorry I didn’t get to say hello to everyone and stop and chat for long. The venue was fantastic, the speakers were great and maybe at the next one that John Breslin is organising 😉 I’ll have time to sit down and listen to more talks.

BarCamp NoshowsFor those that registered but didn’t turn up, maybe we’ll see you at the next one. It’s a great pity because as well as missing lots of networking and interesting ideas, there were lots of freebies as some bavarian people can testify. Free coffee, biscuits, free lunch, lots and lots of free Bubble Brothers wine, (leave your thoughts about the wine on their blog) free BarCamp T-shirts, free Fon routers, free laptop skins and free drink in the pub after.

Thank you to those that did talks and those who came along to hear and encouragethem. Fair play to the other non-troublemaking Damien for coming all the way down from Letterkenny for this.

Thanks to Michael Bambury from Enterprise Ireland and to the people of Howard Holdings for letting us use the Webworks building. Thanks to Christian van den Bosch, Randy Johnson and his wife Margaret for giving us a hand on the day. Thanks to all the sponsors who were so generous and helped out a great deal. In no particular order Pat Phelan from Roam4Free, Donal Manning in Heineken Ireland, Sigmar Recruiting, Ed Byrne from Hosting365 for providing the free t-shirts, Michele Neylon from Blacknight for stuffing us full of pizza, Julian from Bubble Brothers for giving us all that wine (Elly was certainly a fan), Brian Caulfield from Trinity Venture Capital (great talk too), C&C Group for all the beverages, hooray for Qumas for the lovely food at lunchtime and Madgex for the backnetwork. Why not say thank you to them all on your own blog?

A good way of giving thanks is to organise the next BarCamp. Maybe have one in Galway, one in Dublin, one in Carlow?

Finally and most importantly a huge thanks and well done to Conor O’Neill and Walter Higgins who put in way way more time than I did into this event and deserve the applause of everyone and a pint from everyone at the next post-event drinks thing. Be sure to spread the word on Sxoop Technologies and Argolon Solutions.

Steps of Webworks Building

15 Responses to “BarCamp Ireland – The aftermath”

  1. It was a bloody great event. Good thing I was driving or I’d have sampled that wine and I wouldn’t have got to that birthday party later! Looking forward to the next one, thanks to everyone involved for making it a great day!

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  3. Jaegermeister Bombs eh?

    Speaking of which, you really are da bomb Damien for getting this off the ground in Cork.

    Thanks for the kind words, I did shag all except make lists 🙂

    I’m sooo glad I stuck to wine and Belgian beer.

  4. elly parker says:

    The wine was certainly gorgeous, not sure if the JaegerMeister bombs were such a good idea, my tummy certainly didn’t think so the morning after.

    Great, fun, educational day – can’t wait to help organise one a bit closer to home!!

  5. Damien says:

    I didn’t sleep at all last night over the bloody things. Luckily people don’t believe I sleep anyway so er yeah…

  6. Full marks, Damien, Walter and Conor, a fantastic gig all round. Sorry I couldn’t stay saturday night.

  7. frankp says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it – I heard great things. I was busy Dracula-ing.

  8. I’m glad I got your voice before the Jaegermeister bombing coated your vocal cords because you sound just like a proper host. You’re around the 16th minute:

  9. Evert Bopp says:

    “free BarCamp T-shirts, free Fon routers, free laptop skins and free drink in the pub after.”

    Damn typicall, I missed all of this because I was to busy talking or listening to talks. Next time I’ll justr hang around near the bar.

    Anyway, great event! Thanks to all there (organisers but also attendees)…


  10. […] Thanks to Damien, Conor and Walter for all their hardwork. […]

  11. David Doran says:

    When’s the Dublin event? Or are a strange number of bloggers and web developers in the south-west?

  12. Next location and time is up for grabs so lay out your stake now!

  13. Evert Bopp says:

    How about Limerick or Birr?


  14. Keith Clancy says:

    I would have went but got stuck working 🙁

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