Cork County Councillors Expenses and Salaries for 2005

For all those in Cork, here are the most of the payments your county councillors got in 2005. A full breakdown is available here. The below totals include mileage expenses, conferences and an annual salary (Representational Payment) of €15,330.00 for being a councillor (which is a part-time position remember) .
P.J. sheehan was Mayor below too and got more money for that. The Examiner had a piece about him here.

Names Total in Euros
P.J. Sheehan 52,098.70
Noel Harrington 42,261.98
Danny Crowley 41,705.42
Tadgh O’Donovan 41,001.34
John O’Shea 40,836.60
Joe Carroll 39,273.02
Michael Donegan 37,525.42
Aindrias Moynihan 36,810.70
Maura Cal McCarthy 36,179.96
Barbara Murray 35,895.24
Aileen Pyne 35,559.25
Christy O’Sullivan 35,160.54
Kevin O’Keeffe 35,023.56
Marie Murphy 34,812.31
Marian Murphy 34,789.16
Dan Joe Fitzgerald 34,733.31
Liam O’Doherty 34,615.75
Patrick Buckley 34,497.98
Martin Coughlan 34,484.69
Tom Sheahan 34,387.62
Kevin Murphy 34,317.67
Michael Hegarty 33,763.47
Donal O’Rourke 33,539.83
Frank O’Flynn 33,254.95
Tomás Ryan 33,253.53
Donal Casey 33,220.96
Mark O’Keeffe 33,189.51
Seán Sherlock 33,131.94
Alan Coleman 32,445.74
Maurice Ahern 32,274.45
Jim Daly 32,165.67
Gerry Kelly 31,965.41
Tim Lombard 31,672.38
Noel Collins 31,604.09
John Mulvihill 31,600.67
Noel Buckley 31,507.36
Noel O’Connor 31,440.06
Michael Creed 30,909.14
Derry Canty 30,702.29
Paula Desmond 30,336.87
Martin Hallinan 30,218.11
John Gilroy 29,314.82
Peter Kelly 28,951.11
Daniel Fleming 27,908.81
John Collins 27,302.08
Michael McGrath 25,546.90
Deirdre Forde 25,333.94
Veronica Neville 25,182.97

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  1. But aren’t high expenses evidence of a pattern of diligent governance? You need to go places to investigate matters of interest for constituents and someone (the taxpayer) has to prime the pump–petrol pump perhaps or something like that.