Fluffy Links September 26th 2006

The British library says update copyright law. They’re not so fond of DRM.

List of the films that most frequently use the word “fuck”. To be in the list, “fuck” has to be used more than 100 times. Reminds me of a scene in “The Wire” in Season 1 where for five mins or so all the characters say is “fuck”. They must have been going for some world record.

One way to Hong Kong for £75. The Ryanair of long haul?

EDS Airplane Ad:

2001: A space odyssey, set to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon:

Wizard of Oz set to Pink Floyd:

Clinton kicks Fox Ass:

One Response to “Fluffy Links September 26th 2006”

  1. Brian W says:

    The Clinton video is fantastic, if only all political interviews were that entertaining.