Fluffy Links September 20th 2006

Sugarcubes Reunion!

Via the Bjork site is news that the Sugarcubes are having a reunion gig on November 17th in Iceland. Iceland Air has a special deal from the UK for this gig. £299 for flights, hotel stay and tickets to the concert. Shame I have no more days off this year or I’d be going.

Sugarcubes – Birthday

See topless people in Google Earth! Another great find by the Internet nerds.

Redbull brings out a drink called Cocaine?

They say a high hits you within five minutes, followed by a caffeine boost 15 minutes later. But hold on—the ride lasts five hours and the concoction is “350 percent stronger than Red Bull,” they claim.

But will it be sold per gram?

Creating timelines with Excel.

Probably old to some but I was sent this recently. The Bush beatbox:

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