Renew your passports now to avoid RFID passports?

Bruce Schneier says renew those passports now. Someone from the UK in his comments says it’s too late for those in the UK though. Is it too late for here?

5 Responses to “Renew your passports now to avoid RFID passports?”

  1. Markham says:

    Yup, too late.

    Got mine two weeks ago.

  2. Conor says:

    Damn it! I need to get mine replaced, fools got the info wrong on it.

    Might have to crack out a RFID reader and some tinfoil.

  3. laura says:

    I had mine replaced during the summer, it had expired.

    AFAIK the department of homeland security will continue to accept passports from visa waiver countries as long as they have digitised photographs (which mine has) and are machine readable (which mine is). This is because many countries don’t have passports with chips to hold biometric data in them yet. so i should be ok for the next ten years…… or not? it may change again.

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