Fluffy Links Sept 18th 2006

New blogs on the block for September 18th.

Bye bye Potato. You’ll be missed.

We’ve always done it like that. Very management.

Some useful APIs.

Euan Semple talk at the LIFT conference:

Jeff Jarvis has some nice video stats:

nearly 40 percent of internet users download and watch videos on the web and — get this — 54 percent of young people want to create or share their own content on the web

In the the future everyone will have their own TV channel.

Scoble on videoblogging.

The Viral Video Chart. Can we get an Irish version?

Via boing boing: The Girl with the error-message eyes. Very William Gibson.

One Response to “Fluffy Links Sept 18th 2006”

  1. Scott Button says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    What are you thinking an Irish version of Viral Video Chart would be like? Do you mean: show me only what Irish bloggers are linking to? Or: show me only Irish videos in the chart? Or: provide a version of the site with the copy in Gaelic? The first two might be quite hard…

    I’m not being obtuse – I want to get at what you really want. Drop me line!