– Oireachtas starts engaging with the public more

Houses of the Oireachtas is officially launched at noon today. Just don’t go to because that doesn’t seem to be working right now.

According to the press release this is what it does:

For the first time in the history of Parliament, Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) will provide the opportunity for the Houses to engage directly with the public through the Internet. The Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources will use this innovative approach to assist it in considering proposals from the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources in relation to broadcasting. Simply by logging on to, the general public can read and give its views on the proposals and, at a later stage, see the Joint Committee considering the views expressed and actively participate in discussion — all on-line.

The site as of this morning doesn’t appear to be finished with a few broken links and “Put something meaningful in here” type space fillers. It might be done by noon though.

These are the current areas of discussion. It’ll be great to see more initiatives like this. Don’t forget to send them in your feedback.

4 Responses to “ – Oireachtas starts engaging with the public more”

  1. Isn’t it strange that the Department of Communication does not send its material via RSS into the Irish blogging community? The early adopters of online consultation websites are Irish bloggers yet it seems the department doesn’t know that or doesn’t believe that.

  2. cp says:

    still not working – i’m all for another avenue to voice my greivances – i think it will be open to spam though and am afraid they are only providing the service as half-arsed because it says so in some strategy – they can tick the box and forget about it

  3. Whoa.

    Not so much at the consultation site, as at some of the provisions of the actual act as it refers to radio licensing.

    There’s something *extremely* nasty lurking in this bill.

  4. Ronan Coy says:

    Well as this is a pilot its not tto bad. I think the nature of legislation is large and cumbersome and makes it difficult to review on a website.

    However as an edemocracy project i think it is a good idea. I have already made my submission on this first bill relating to broadcasting. In essence the definitaion of a “TV set” is any device that can receive TV broadcasts. This will mean trying to get a TV license all those mobile phones that will receive TV signals in a few years. Look forward to the license inspectors checking every mobile phone !!!!

    If this is here to stay then i’m sure it will only get better.