First Tuesday Ireland has a blog

First Tuesday Ireland are now blogging. They had a blog just for their wireless conference but now there’s an all encompassing blog too. Welcome to the Irish Blogs FTIs!

3 Responses to “First Tuesday Ireland has a blog”

  1. Hi thanks damien…still learning though!! …actually something that you could help us blog about is the commercialisation of Irish research matchmaking event we’re doing for EI on the 28th.

    There is a lot of quality Research being presented to Irish SME’s, Investors and Angel investors from all over the country , one of them is the zinadoo mobile web project out of WIT. But there are research technologies from all over the country. Some brief information available at

  2. In keeping with the jump on bandwagon but forget to update it school of blogging thats so popular right now. I’m shocked at how piss poor the website is : contact us hidden deep in the bowels, join form isn’t working, and a blog that was last updated on 27 October – a week or so after it launched. Tsk Tsk.

    If someone could tell me how I can find out when the next event is, I’d be very grateful,.