Permission denied: Encourage Paige to keep blogging

Paige doesn’t think she’s worthy to be a blogger and wants to stop. In her words:

I hope that you will excuse my discontinuing as a blogger. I genuinely don’t feel worthy of the description owing to my lack of original talent and the selfish (childish) reason that I started blogging. I will continue to check out your brilliant posts and wish you all continued success.

Paige , if you’ve never read her, is a wonderfully talented writer despite her saying she isn’t. It’d be a real shame if she were to go. Too many greats are leaving. Where’s Fiona these days? Daddy Gavin is gone too. (Despite him being younger than me he was like one of the wise fathers of Irish blogging when I started and so many started due to his encouragement too.) If you’ve read Paige or even if not, how about popping over to her blog and signing the comments and ask her to stay if you think she should but at least wish her well. We’re losing too many talented people these days.

If you wanted to go that little bit extra you could blog about her on your blog and explain why you like her writing (if you do) so that at least she gets a proper send off. Gavin, you going to have a going away party too?

2 Responses to “Permission denied: Encourage Paige to keep blogging”

  1. Rob says:

    Sign of the times, perhaps? Some people have been writing a blog for quite an amazingly long time…

  2. Gavin says:

    I guess you could call it extended hiatus, I shall have to think about how I will approach blogging in future! As for a party…eh maybe see you at barcamp! lol