DCMNR/ComReg Facilitating Broadband Leadership Conference – Details

The DCMNR/ComReg event on September 21st:

0845 Mr Noel Dempsey TD opens the event.
0910 Prof Peter Cochrane Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of Concept Labs
0940 David Jesse, MD of eBay Ireland
1000 Martin Cronin, Forfas
1020 Coffee

1040 Podcasting – Increasing access to 3rd level education. Sligo IT
1100 Infotainment Technology, Dylan Collins, CEO DemonWare
1130 Halo Room, Paul Bradley, HP
1200 Gerry Fahy, TIF, “Ensuring Broadband Ireland”
1220 Summary/Discussion/Bunfight
1250 Closing Address. Ms Isolde Goggin, ComReg
1300 Lunch

Facilitator: Miriam O’Callaghan

4 Responses to “DCMNR/ComReg Facilitating Broadband Leadership Conference – Details”

  1. hiya Damien

    just came across this post (or just noticed it having skimmed it earlier!) – do you have any more info or thoughts on this?


  2. Damien says:

    I’ll force myself to have an open mind but I already know off-by-heart what some of the speakers are going to be saying. I think the networking will be more important than what the speakers will be saying.

    Most of these speakers have already been at other Government conferences so we can be assured they won’t say anything that’ll make the Minister or DCMNR folks rebalance the wait from one ass cheek to the other while they listen.

    I’m genuinely interested in DemonWare’s talk. I hope they give out the shagging bunny t-shirts. I might give out some Telecoms Poodle t-shirts. Also interested in Forfas’s talk. They don’t spin.

  3. Thanks Damien. Will have to see if I can justify coming up for half a day to it. May be able to work something else around it.


  4. damien

    this is driving me demented – do you have a link or email for this event – I cannot find anything on the comreg or DCMNR sites 🙁

    ta, keith