Barcamp Ireland – Update – To be held in Cork Sept 30th

Update to update: Date set to September 30th. Sorry to everyone who can’t make it but 30th suits more.

Update: Seems a few of those that want to go are unavailable for the 23rd. Would the 30th suit? It’s the usual case though that one date will never suit everyone. Can people leave a comment below?

Barcamp Ireland will be held in Webworks Cork on Sept 23rd. Myself, Conor O’Neill and Walter Higgins will be organising it from the Cork side. Pleae stay tuned to the BarCamp Ireland Wiki.

16 Responses to “Barcamp Ireland – Update – To be held in Cork Sept 30th”

  1. I’d really appreciate it if we can push it out to the 30th as I can’t make it the previous weekend. However, you’re right, no date will suit all and I’ll understand fine if 23rd suits the majority better. But I’ll hate missing it… 🙁

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  3. Either is fine for me.

  4. Actually seems I forgot about my sons christening! 30th for me please 🙂

  5. Could have sworn I left a comment yesterday. 30th good for me and thanks for getting this back on tracks.

    Shame on you Alan!!


  6. Michele says:

    30th would be fine…

  7. walter says:

    30th would suit me too.

  8. I’m going to be awkward and go for the original date of the 23rd as I can’t do the 30th

    Any plans as to when the final decision will be made (really need to get the travel plans together).

  9. BarCamp Ireland has a home

    BarCamp Ireland is going to be held in Webworks in Cork this year.  It looks like the date may also be changed to the 30th of September.   This is shaping up to be a really good day.  Thanks to Damien Mulley, Conor O’Neill and Walt…

  10. 30th will suit me! I’ll be away the previous weekend. I really should add my name to the wiki too..

  11. Paul Watson says:

    23rd is perfect for me as I am due in Bantry on the 24th.

    30th is OK too.

  12. John Ward says:

    I can’t make the 30th.

    As the decision has been made I’d like to wish you the best of luck with the event.

    I’ll remove my name from the wiki


  13. […] As you have probably seen on a variety of blogs, Damien, Walter and myself are going to arrange BarCampIreland in Cork on September 30th in WebWorks. We had a meetup last night and a few important things came out of it. […]

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