Blogger’s Ice Cream – What flavour represents the various bloggers?

After the interview with ice cream maker Kieran Murphy, I was wondering what flavour ice cream would represent the blogosphere. Of course no one flavour ever would. So then I was thinking what flavours would represent the various bloggers out there. It started off as a small list and now is bloody huge. Am sure you can add in your own in the comments too. In no particular order:

Tom Coates Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream with english toffee swirls and miniature bassett’s jelly babys.

Mike Arrington Ice Cream
Vanilla with crunchy cookie pieces, candy pieces and anything else that goes crunch! Unusually there’s a swirl of barbeque sauce in the ice cream too. Highly popular with Silicon Valley nerds but the ice cream spoils quickly when consumed around Mountain View.

Robert Scoble Ice Cream
Creamy and dotted with gummi bears and bits of marshmallow. Very popular flavour and the subject of many debates about whether it is a good flavour or not. Funnily enough both sides on the debate keep consuming it.

Hugh Macleod Ice Cream
Redbull, coffee and scotch mixed together. This ice cream has quite a kick and also has interesting squiggles running through the scoops.

Jeff Jarvis Ice Cream
Like the Hugh Macleod ice cream but without the scotch and with twice as much redbull and coffee and also with guarana. This ice cream is wired and will have you talking and blogging at twice normal speed. Lots of jalapeno peppers sprinkled inside.

Om Malik Ice Cream
Various spices mixed together, along with heaps of coffee. The only ice cream in this list to have nicotine as an ingredient.

Evelyn Rodriguez Ice Cream

Jasmine, Camomile and Chai Tea flavour.

Dave Winer Ice Cream
Vanilla. The Dave Winer ice cream is the base ice cream for thousands of other flavours. A little bit nutty and with swirls of coffee flavour. A nice caramel centre welcomes you after a while. There are hidden slices of jalepeno in this ice cream too. Like the Scoble ice cream there are lots of fans and lots that don’t like the ice cream due to it’s no bullshit plain flavours.

Marc Canter Ice Cream
A multitude of flavours all mixed together. The Canter ice cream simply demands that all other flavours are mixed with it. A great, storming, kicking ice cream. Just don’t consume during tech conferences or it might send you to sleep.

Boing Boing Ice Cream
Bubble gum and candy mixed with mint to make it even cooler. Amazingly this ice cream is carb free.

Mena Trott Ice Cream
Ice cream packed in the inside and outside with hundreds and thousands of coloured sprinkles. An ice cream used by many as a core ingredient for all other ice creams.

Doc Searls Ice Cream
Genuine all-American dairy ice cream with a few gold flakes added in. This tried and tested ice cream remains consistent while all the new “trendy” flavours come and go.

Dave Weinberger Ice Cream
Contains all the miscellaneous flavours available and mixes them together.

Tom Raftery Ice Cream
Made from Murpy’s Irish Stout and with a ginger swirl.

Seth Godin Ice Cream
Purple coloured, dairy cream. This ice cream is so good that you find yourself going out and getting others to try it.

Guy Kawasaki Ice Cream
An unusual flavour which is a mix of pineapple and shittake mushroom.

Kevin Burton Ice Cream
Coffee flavoured but caffeine free.

Jason Calacanis Ice Cream
Rich ice cream designed by hired experts.

Kevin Rose Ice Cream
Young, fresh, the flavour is always changing depending on popular tastes of the day. The ice cream was rumoured to cost $60 a scoop but apparently the scoops are practically cost free.

Bruce Schneier Ice Cream
This special ice cream does not give you belly aches, it fights cavities , makes your teeth stronger and lowers your cholesterol. Has a slight squid flavour to it.

Nicolas Carr Ice Cream
Dairy free. Sugar free. With a twist of bitter lemon. Sometimes people mistake this ice cream for a lump of coal.

5 Responses to “Blogger’s Ice Cream – What flavour represents the various bloggers?”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    You have too much time on your hands, Damien.

    Barry Dublin ice-cream: Buckfast mixed with haggis, Bulmers and a 9 bar of hash!

  2. copernicus says:

    There should be a name for this sort of naked solicitation you know like “linkstitution”.

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