Dapper Dapper do – Mashups become easier to0

Via Waxy is Dapper, a cool web app that takes any website and turns it into an XML source allowing all kinds of fun to be had.. Create RSS feeds for websites that don’t have them, something which Feed43 does ,though it is 6 hours out of synch with the Net. You can also take various websites and mash them together. Great idea but I have a feeling sites could start banning the Dapper IP addresses so they can’t scrape the information.

One of the apps created thanks to Dapper is Magg which is a mashup of the existing video sharing websites. Handy that.

Another app that was quickly created is Blotter which graphs your site in terms of inbound links and Technorati ranking. This is the plot for my site:

Happy mashing!

One Response to “Dapper Dapper do – Mashups become easier to0”

  1. John O'Sullivan says:

    Mulley you’re really getting a name for yourself!! When I heard your name on Matt Cooper I wondered could this really be the same Damien I dossed around with in college and unmistakeably it was!!! Keep up the good work! Hard to believe Ralph’s a father now!!! Poor kid!! Met Dan O’Regan recently he was very coy about what he’s up to I think he’s joined Mossad!!