Please someone in Cork take a photo of the sky now

Holy shit but it’s beautiful right now in Cork. I wish I had a working camera.

11 Responses to “Please someone in Cork take a photo of the sky now”

  1. Conor says:

    I dunno how to describe it up in Dublin, its almost like a creamy light pink.

  2. Damien says:

    “The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes” to quote Elliot. The rain is after coming in hard and fast here but before it did there was a very low cloudline, almost like a fog descending and wrapping itself around the hills and buildings but the sun was setting too and so the whole sky turned a golden colour. It really was quite beautiful. Generally you’d get the kind of reddish sunsets or the kind of tangerine or burning coal red colour sunsets but tonight we experienced a yellow gold colour. It was in a way like a Monet painting towards the twilight of his career.

  3. I was out tonight near Fitzgerald’s Park and got a few shots of the sunset, but I think not what you saw. There’s be other nights!

  4. Did it look anything like this sunset at Garretstown?

  5. One of the few positives to result from air pollution….spectacular sunsets. Hope I haven’t spolied the moment for anyone.

  6. Mr T. says:

    I think I know what you meant.
    A kind of orange glow about air, with a mad grey sky, wiht a huge brown cloud.
    Alas my camera wasnt at hand.

    But then it pissed outta da heaven like.

  7. I got this sunset while looking out my sitting room window at the base of the Castle of Kings:

  8. Donal says:

    I had taken a picture of the orange sky as the rain poured down before I saw this post. It was an amazing sight, wish I had something else to put in the picture with it but the back garden isn’t that picturesque!

  9. Donal says:

    And obviously images, even thumbnails, don’t show so here’s the link: