Million Political Questions Website

Ido Kenan mentions the idea an Israeli political party had:

Israeli right-wing party National Union launched a Million Orange Dots site, where surfers can add an orange dot with their name and political message.

Nice variation of the Million Dollar Pixel idea. I wonder could we do the same over here for questions we want canvassers at the next election to answer. For example Treasa has one this evening on party policies on property crashes. People can log in, and ask a non-party specific question, fill in their contact details, and they’ll be emailed a direct url to their question. All parties can be forwarded a database of questions they can answer if they wish and answers will be put online. Anyone want to build a “Million Political Questions” website?

3 Responses to “Million Political Questions Website”

  1. Treasa says:

    I intend to add more questions over the coming months – partly as an aide memoire for myself, but had idly wondered what the impact would be if more people did something similar.

    For myself I would see it as having a clear indication of what people’s concerns really are.

  2. potato says:

    Excellent idea, count me interested enough to at least consider it. What I’d really like is a “they work for you” in an Irish context, although looks like an enormous amount of work.

  3. Ido Kenan says:

    Damien, I’m trying to reach you. Please email me ASAP. Thanks.