How to use Google to get a girl and get laid

This article is about using the many Google sites and applications to get yourself a girl and get yourself laid. In it we’re going to use a guy called Johnny McCool. Johnny is a 22 year old Internet nerd. He works as a programmer with some megacorp, went straight from the computer labs in college to the cubicle farm. He needs to get out more and he needs a girlfriend.

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1. Google Search

Getting Laid with Google

a) Getting yourself found.
b) Profiling the person

Getting yourself found.

The Google search engine is a very powerful way of getting yourself found. A good way to get yourself found is to create your own website with lots of details about yourself on it. Or rather lots of untrue crap that you hope some girl will find appealing. Since Johnny McCool is using his real name then it makes sense for him to register To get yourself found you will need to structure your site in such a way as to make it “search engine friendly”. This means a few things such as figuring out what words you want people to use when they search for you and then seeding your webpages with those search terms. Further to this, the more you update the site, the more Google will visit and the higher up in search results you’ll be. Google rewards you for fresh content. Therefore set up a blog on your site.

Now, it would also be good to create content that women like and use this as the honeypot to get them to your site. Have lots of links on every page to your profile on networks such as Orkut (more below), have lots of good pictures of yourself (see the piece on Picasa below) and have contact details for you readily available. Think of articles such as “Why as a man I think it is ok to cry” and “I can be tough but emotional at the same time”. Don’t forget to sprinkle with trigger phrases such as “modern man” “strong but sensitive”. Don’t go too far though, or your male friends might beat you up .. in Second Life.

Profiling the person

Profiling is researching someone so you are better informed on how to woo them. Woo, not stalk. It’s a thin line folks but a line nonetheless. Google will allow you to search forums, sites and blogs for people looking for their ideal man. It is best to search for phrases with the names of local places so that you don’t have to travel 100s of miles to meet women.

As well as finding specific women, you can also use Google to find out what women want. A few simple google phrases will deliver you lists of things they want in a perfect mate. There are 1000s of websites out there devoted to women saying what they look for in a man. Go Google them.

2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords allow you to advertise on search results pages and on the 100s of 1000s of websites that run Google Ads. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that if someone is searching for something you can choose to have an ad appear for that search phrase. Johnny McCool can have an ad for his website
when someone searches for the phrase: Does mr. right exist? and when the results page appears, the ad will be on the right hand side:
Johnny McCool

3. Google Mail and Google Talk

Google Mail
Finding someones gmail is easy enough nowadays and with Google making us all be adult and use firstname.lastname style combinations it should be easy to guess the email addreses of people you’d like to date. GMail and GTalk conversations are stored in your GMail account too so it is very easy to search over past conversations to “remember” what her interests are.

But the important thing about GMail is that it is a conduit to open a chat window with the person thanks to the full integration with Google Talk. You got her GMail then you can chat with her. Always have another browser window open with search results for her name and another window with search results for “non-schmaltzy chat-up lines”. Get charming.

Google Talk

4. Google Video

She found me because I was viral.

Google Video

Years back Ze Frank created a video on how to dance properly. It soon got passed all around the Internet and made him famous for a while. You too could do the same. Stick your gmail address and website address into the video so you can be found and contacted.

Or you could do what famous Sligo Tourism Representative Aine Chambers did and talk about something like tourism while highlighting all your own best features. Here’s Aine: Aine Chambers

You just need to be creative. But you wouldn’t be reading this if you were, right? Thought so. So instead, create a video of you saving whales or helping old ladies across the road. Again stick your email address and website url into the video. Maybe include a few videos of you shedding some tears. Women love to see emotional men. But they also like jerks. So also have a video showing you can be a total asshole.

5. Google Alerts

Google Alerts
You’re going to piss women off. It happens when you are unskilled in the woman-dating game. It’s ok. However, it would be good to know who is pissed off and writing about you online. Thanks to Google Alerts you can get email alerts when anything new is found by Google with the search criteria you set. But don’t stop at your name. Also have searches for potential dates by including names of Girls you’ve found on Google. As well as that include the names of the bars and clubs in your city, town, village, truck stop so that if someone mentions they were out clubbing at “The Dancing Donkey” last night, you’ll know about it. Alerts help you to find local people. It might be good too to just have a Google Alert to notidy you if the local stalking laws in your area get updated. Just saying, is all.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps

Well Johnny is a nerd and a man. There’s no need to go the extra mile and email her the Google map. She’ll make it there by asking for directions if she gets lost. Yes, that’s what women do. Really. Google it if you don’t believe it. Arranging dates and finding locations using Google Maps is a good idea. Knowing where she lives or roughly and then using Google Maps to pick a nearby restaurant and bar is a better idea. That way you can walk her home and maybe just maybe she’ll invite you in for a coffee.

Also make sure the places you go and her place are not near your place. While you are happy to go to he place, you do not want her to be horrified if she visits your lair. All the cartoon posters and pizza boxes might put her off. Women also don’t like Thundercats bed sheets. Additionally, if it all goes pear shaped and she takes out that court order saying you are not to be within 400 feet of her, it would cut down on the embarassing moments when you bump into her in the local grocery store.

7. Google’s Orkut.

Another social networking site. Orkut is ancient Brazilian for “place to find people who will have sex with you”. This is why Orkut is full of Brazilians.

Google's Orkut

Like all other social-networking aka cruising sites, you can take other parts of the Google dating plan and integrate them into this. Use your google email, google talk, use the “improved” photos from Picasa and link to your soft and bastard videos.

8. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

You need a central place to remember the birthdays and times you are meeting the girls. Yes, girls. Plural. There’ll be more than one. Google is so powerful it turns you into a player. In fact, it’s even more powerful than that and you can go from a player to a playa. No, we don’t know the difference either. Thanks to the Google Calendar you can keep track of all of the dates and all of the times. Thanks Google!

9. Google Mobile

So you’re on the date and she is the well educated type. She uses big words like symbolic, quasi-judicial and laudable. Under the table just text Google Mobile and ask what she is on about.

Google Mobile

Unfortunately the profiling with Google search won’t reveal everything about your date so Google Mobile will allow you to find out the name of that pansy poet she mentioned that she likes and you can quote from his poems and make it look like you’re quoting it from memory. She may also talk about current affairs and so not knowing anything outside of World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons, you can google for that, right there from your phone.

10. Google Picasa

Google Picasa can be used for creating pictures of Johnny McCool which are very complimentary. Picasa is a quality picture/photo editing tool that Google provides for free.

Google Picasa

It allows Johnny to take his existing photo of himself:
Johnny McCool

And improve it with no glasses, bluer eyes, blonder hair and bigger muscles:
Johnny McCool

11. Google Base

Google Base

Google base is like the spare room in your house. Any and all kinds of shit are stored in there. Google sticks a search engine onto the front of it and will hire more PhDers to figure out what the fuck to do with the mess that is Google Base. It’s really like a Flea Market except you can also sell your soul to get some hole. Yes, Google Base allows personals. If you don’t like seeing naked pics of people then don’t click that … pointless finishing the sentence since you’ve left already with the naked promise. Just like Orkut, Google Base can be used to store your personal profile but it can also be used to store other content you create like podcasts and videos and pictures.

That’s all for now

These are just a few of the ways that you can get laid with the help of Google. There are many more and as time allows we’ll add more to them. Feedback appreciated.

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131 Responses to “How to use Google to get a girl and get laid”

  1. guess what? I´m brazilian. says:

    c’mon, what was that comment about orkut and brazilians? duh, u’re wrong. and by the way, need more sex.

  2. How to use Google to get a girl and get laid

    Encontré esto con google cuando … cuando … estaba buscando la demostración del último Teorema de Fermat …

  3. Scott says:

    You forgot the part about putting the phone number into google gives an address, which you can then put into google maps.

  4. Byte Me says:

    Didn’t work. Gave up. Took too long. Hired hooker. All better now.

  5. Marcelo says:

    You have been linked in the influential
    And from there who knows?

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  7. Orkut fan says:

    hahah, keep using this crap of myspace…

  8. salak says:


  9. […] Damien Mulley presents How to use Google to get a girl and get laid… This article is about using the many Google sites and applications to get yourself a girl and get yourself laid. In it we’re going to use a guy called Johnny McCool. Johnny is a 22 year old Internet nerd. He works as a programmer with some megacorp, went straight from the computer labs in college to the cubicle farm. He needs to get out more and he needs a girlfriend. […]

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  12. Worm says:

    Is there anything Google can’t do?

  13. Raquel (BRAZILIAN) says:

    To Mr. Damien Mulley:
    “Orkut is ancient Brazilian for “place to find people who will have sex with you�. This is why Orkut is full of Brazilians.�
    That gives me a lot to think. I’m a Brazilian young woman, I’ve been using Orkut for more than two years and guess what? None of my friends or anyone else has ever tryed to hump me just because my face was seen at orkut. Is me the problem? I don’t think so. None of my friends has ever witnessed a behaviour like that. I’m aware that we, brazilians, are the dominant people at orkut. Maybe it’s because we were the ones that have truly seen the wonder this engine is. Orkut allows us to get in touch with our lots, tons of friends(yes, we are a very friendly people that’s why we have lots and lots of friends) some times you may even find friends that you thought you would never see again, like those from kindergarten or those that moved to “Only God knows where”. It’s so useful! Even my parents and relatives have an orkut account! So I’d rather think of orkut as an online family environment. I’m sure there are people there primarly for sex, but that’s their problem. The majority is not! You should think a little before saying anything about a people that you obviously don’t know!With such little mind, I can see why you don’t get laid… All I can say is I’m really offended!! I apologise for any of my english mistakes, but I just couldn’t read that and say nothing.

  14. Henry Abol says:

    Very usefull thanks.

  15. kasjhi says:

    yes this is funny but dont mind to miss more humrous thing its sectret budy at 🙂

  16. The Sarge says:

    Dear Raquel,

    From reading your input I think that you 1st of all should see the article “How to use Google to get a girl and get laid” from a entertainment perspective but I also see how frustration can cloud a readers mind as statements like “Orkut is ancient Brazilian for “place to find people who will have sex with youâ€?. This is why Orkut is full of Brazilians.â€? might lead a reader to belive that Orkut automatically will get you laid and a 2 year wait without any luck can be fearfully damaging to the human psyche.

    I fully understand that Orkut is predominantly used as a way of keeping in touch with your many many many many wonderful and fantastic friends but this does not prevent Orkut from being used as a common meeting ground for people that is exploring their sexuality and why not if Orkut can be used to serve both these equally important and facinating purposes and more?

    If a reader is really gagging for it, may I suggest a subtle change in their Orkut profile to maybe have it display something quite different from their face? This change will without a shadow of a doubt give the Orkut user more hits on their profile & increase their chances of “getting lucky”?

    Best wishes & good luck on Orkut
    “The Sarge”

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  18. Brian says:

    This is pretty funny! But the only thats not true is that you can morph pictures with Google Picasa.

  19. Anonymous says:

    How to explode your blog traffic

    Supposedly using google, girls and laid in the title of your blog will prompt a surge in your blog’s popularity. So Damien Mulley decided to see for himself. The results are quite impressive:

  20. BloggingTom says:

    Neue Freundin gesucht? Google hilft

    Wie kann man die verschiedenen Google-Dienste am besten kombinieren? Damien Mulley zeigt das am Beispiel von Johnny, der auf der Suche nach einer Freundin ist:
    Johnny is a 22 year old Internet nerd. He works as a programmer with some megacorp, went s…

  21. timw says:

    will be putting this into practice tonight, thanks

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  24. Omi says:

    wow that’s so much effort, no wonder there are so many virgins

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  27. ////sexor// says:

    […] paper toysinternet ‘96myspace reduxmycrazyhobby.comknife sharpening trickshow to use google to get laid […]

  28. Mark says:

    Great presentation on how to use Google features….and how to get the ladies. Kudos to page creator.

  29. hahah, very funny. Never read a product review that was so funny! lol.

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  31. Micheál says:

    Anyone would think you’re on the Google payroll. Great piece!

  32. Ulavi says:

    Fuck!… this is so fuking funny!

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  35. Roxy Harte says:

    So, if Google, Girls, and Laid will get people to your website, does that hold true of Google, Men, and Laid as well?

  36. […] O post é mais uma constatação de como o Google e sexo são extremamente populares. Intitulado de “Como usar o Google para conquistar uma garota e transar com elaâ€? (tradução literal de How to use Google to get a girl and get laid), o texto destaca ferramentas disponíveis do Google que podem ser usadas em poderosas estratégias de conquista do sexo oposto (apesar de direcionado à conquista das mulheres, tenho certeza que as técnicas podem ser adaptadas para outras opções sexuais e sexo). […]

  37. Peter says:

    Funny thing.

    Its a personal form of SEO. But I guess it is a strong technic

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  42. EvilTeddy says:

    Now you need to write the “prequel” article for those people who would actually follow this guide:

    How to use Google to move out of your Mom’s basement.

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  44. Hello World.
    Are you actually advertising for google?
    Get a life!

  45. Gene says:

    Thanks! I used your techniques and now I have three girlfriends and not enough time to keep them satisfied! Thanks a million!

  46. Dude, this is wonderful. Didn’t laugh that loud at this time of the night too often 😉

    Now, if it only WORKED 😉