Bebo turns down $550M from BT?

So says the semi-reliable Techcrunch. That’s a hell of a lot of money. Staying on the Bebo theme, why the hell hasn’t any of the marketing companies in Ireland taken the site seriously? It gives you a huge amount of access to a large portion of the teenage and drunken university student market. A market with a lot of disposable income. Bebo is such a perfect viral medium and yet none of the marketing experts seem to have accessed it or leveraged it.

4 Responses to “Bebo turns down $550M from BT?”

  1. Simon McGarr says:

    Bebo’s huge. The top five search words for tuppenceworth are all bebo related.

    I just can’t work out how the hell it all works. I feel like a 1950’s dad with a pipe and hat being handed a hula hoop.

  2. I’ve just started researching a few of these sites (seriously!) to see how you get data in and out of them. So far:

    Orkut- need an invite. No wonder they are nowhere. Google get a clue.

    Bebo – Not much to it really. Blog tool is awful. No RSS anywhere from what I can see. Can’t understand why all the kiddies don’t just use MySpace.

    MySpace – I kinda like it. Lots to play with and do. Blog tool pretty good (but issues with source editing). They have RSS feeds.

    Friendster – getting to that next.

    I get why these sites are popular, but like Simon they really aren’t for me. I’ll just stick with comp.sys.sinclair for my 4000 “friends”.

  3. RogerG says:

    It would have represented an amazing return on investment for Benchmark Capital – for a 4 week investment.

  4. adam says:

    They should have jumped at the chance. How long before these fickle teenagers and assorted twits move onto “the next big thing”?

    You could probably kick it off by starting an unscrupulous rumour on Bebo about this very story. Their users aren’t the brightest, let’s be honest.