Advertising on – 500 quid for a blog post

I’ve been approached a few times now for writing about certain products or running ads on this website. I’ve turned them all down. I don’t need any cash and I feel that Google Ads and all those annoying sneaky text link ads do nothing but piss people off. They piss me off anyway. Still, I’m a nice guy so I’ve put together a policy where I will allow a kind of advertisment on this site.

This is my advertising policy which I shall republish here:

You want to advertise on here? I don’t do ads on my site. No fugly Google Adsense ads. No ads in my RSS feeds. This is still my personal and non-commercial site. If you want to help out then link to the site or subscribe to the site.

There are two methods of getting your product or service mentioned on this site though:

1. Email me about your product/service and tell me why I should blog about it. For this you really have to sell it hard and have to know my blog well and know your product would fit into the areas I blog about. If it actually interests me (even I can’t tell a lot of the time) then I’ll blog about it. There’s a big chance I won’t blog about it so don’t take it personally.

2. The other method is like the above but you pay me 500 euros (a euro for roughly each daily visitor) and again if I think it is worthy I’ll blog about your product but with the stipulation that I can equally praise or thrash what you want to sell and I’ll be soliciting feedback from my readers too.

Oh and being a lover of transparency the blog title will be “500 euros blog post: Product name.� Again, there’s a low chance of me agreeing to pimp your product this way. You only get one blog post too and there is no set time limit when it appears as the top post. I’m not into pageviews, click-thru rates or any of that stuff so don’t ask about them. Think of me as a sandal-wearing hippy where on clear non-stoned days I might agree to mention your product.

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